CTFO CBD/Hemp Oil Products

Pure Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops

CTFO’s pepperment flavored CBD/Hemp oil drops are full spectrum, so you get the synergistic effects of CBD working together with other cannabinoids; offering optimal health benefits.  

CTFO’s CBD oil drops are hydrophilic; so it can be absorbed into the body with ease; allowing the full benefits of the oil to rapidly take effect.  Many users of the CBD oil report improvement within days; as opposed to weeks.

CTFO’s Hemp oil drops are available in the strengths 300mg, 500mg, 750mg, and 1500mg. Each bottle contains 50 servings, so if you are taking the CBD oil twice per day, each bottle will be a 25 day supply.   You can purchase a single bottle of CTFO CBD/Hemp oil or in packs of three

Full Spectrum CBD Oil drops provide a variety of health benefits; especially when taken on a regular basis.  When looking at the list of benefits, its hard to find a reason not to implement Hemp oil into your supplement regiment.

  • Get the full synergistic effect of full spectrum CBD oil.
  • Hydrophilic properties allow CBD to be easily absorbed.
  • Promotes well-balanced blood sugar levels
  • Supports improved energy levels
  • Calms anxiety spikes
  • Helps with effective digestion
  • Supports optimal immune function
  • Helps regenerate healthy cells

10x Pure Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops

The 10x Pure Full Spectrum CBD oil is a supercharged version of CTFO’s Full Spectrum CBD/hemp oil.  It is a great option if you are looking for a high-potency, fast-absorbing, fast-acting pain relief solution.

CBD is not naturally water soluble.  As a result, many CBD suppliers damage the molecules by breaking it down to make it water soluble; reducing it’s effectiveness.  CTFO’s 10x Pure Full-Spectrum CBD oil keeps the molecule in tact.

The 10x Pure CBD oil uses supercharged oxygenated oil to transport natural, non-processed CBD molecules throughout the bloodstream.  In this supercharged oxygenated state, CBD mixes well with water; making it more absorbent, not-to-mention more potent.

CTFO offers to dosages of 10x Pure CBD oil:  500mg and 1500mg.  The 500mg is the equivalent of 3,000 to 5,000mg of regular CBD oil.  The 1500mg is the equivalent of 9,000 to $15,000mg.

10x Pure CBD oil provides a more effective vehicle to move CBD throughout your system due to it’s compatibility with water, which your body is mostly made up of.  Try the supercharged oxygenated 10x Pure Full Spectrum CBD formula, which is only available through CTFO, if your looking for a fast-acting, more potent CBD oil.

500mg Full-Spectrum 10x Pure CBD Oil Drops

CTFO 500mg 10x Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

1500mg Full-Spectrum 10x Pure CBD Oil Drops

CTFO 1500mg 10x Pure Full-Spectrum CBD Oil